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Jaime Guardiola Recognition

And I now come under the heading of several honors and flattery to tell you that, for his work as a farmer of Pure Spanish horses, businessman Jaime Guardiola Dominguez Sevilla has received the title of "Honorary Member" of the First International Fair of Central Spanish Horse held in the Nicaraguan city of Granada, high reward to which the "distinguished guest of the City, I deliver in person the mayor of Granada. So congratulations to my friend Jaime, and sell many copies, even if that thing is up to little dificult


Champions Lines

In recent years we have seen a number of farms have been those that have garnered more success in competitions morphological colophon being the great Sicab last held in November. Genealogies are often repeated, with individuals and herds are the most appear.

If we stick strictly to the individuals which have become champions after Sicab 2008, would have to make an initial sketch that may be anecdotal, but is usually well: most of the champions, girls and runners / as in Spain are dappled coat. In the last Championship of Spain saw only a champion of Spain chestnut coat and was in the form of adult movements, not morphology. But there were copies of chestnut coat that won in their respective sections, but less so than the dappled coat. The remaining layers failed or gold medals, let alone special awards or absolute champions of Spain.

Genes 'Educated X'
This season has regained the line of special importance Guardiola, basically for two reasons: the best livestock breeder of Spain (Ayala Stud) bases its products in the offspring of a specimen: 'Educated X' Iron Inheritors D. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, for 'Centella V'. In turn, several of the champions of Spain are children or grandchildren of 'Educated X' or 'Maromita V', another son of 'Centella V'.

Guardiola this line, we find in the past Sicab to: the champion of Spain 'Triunfadora XXX', iron and property of Thomas Osborne Livestock Mater Christi, daughter of 'Maromita V', a runner-up in Spain 'Liron Ram' , iron and ownership of the Stud Ayala, granddaughter of 'Educated X', the young champion of the race in Spain 'CXIII Duke,' Iron and ownership of the Stud Las Arenas, son of 'Educated X', runners and Young race in Spain 'Babysitting Ram', iron and ownership of the Stud Ayala, another granddaughter of 'Educated X'. In addition to these champions of Spain, of the 33 medals at stake in Sicab (remove the copper section of five mares), eight were for copies of the line from Guardiola, all descendants of the former champion of Spain in mid- 90s, the great "Centella V '(by the way, did you know that your mother,' Centella IV ', is the sister of' Albero II ', being the two sons of' Caesar ', Military Stud? Not only should talk of 'Educated X', as well as their daughters have been champions in the final products Sicab, with the great chestnut stallion also iron Francisco Santiago, 'Desire LXXXVII', whose mother is a daughter Escalera JL ' Got XX '(father of champion horses on the sections of functionality and movement). 'Babysitting Ram', the dappled dark (not black as some think), is the daughter of the horse. Another daughter of the stallion is 'Marchador Ram', one of the components of the charge that won the gold medal.

Pallares Security Beyond this Sicab and in the light of what is seen in recent years, a line of horses to refresh or try to improve the line Guardiola is undoubtedly the Pallarés. In fact, both the Heirs of D. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni Cádiz Stud as Thomas Osborne, take some time covering the livestock and horses of Seville. Some of these stallions are: 'Mighty VI', 'Stallion III', 'Freedom II' or 'Courtier IX', all grandsons of the Military Stud 'Feast', a horse whose descendants are known for their great posterior third, with powerful groups , with a good butt, long legs strong and muscular, hocks low and solid and very good post aplomb. The last of the stallions mentioned, 'Courtier IX' (owned by Guardiola at present), is the father of the runners-up in Spain 'JT Injun. " The cousin's Mighty VI 'is the father of' Charming RH 'bronze medal in the 4th section, iron and ownership of the Stud Thomas Osborne.

So far, we are clear that the morphology of most wins at the expense of results, is the line of Guardiola. His clear "improver" is Pallares, not to mention the issue of iron Francisco Santiago, 'Desire LXXXVII. "

The great 'Nero II' But there is more morphological level, since there are more winning horses from other lines, such as the very 'Nero II', the new champion of Spain. His wins were two years ago that copies of his mares and breeding (Moreno de la Cova origin) were so listed. It is indeed a single, historical. Already we could see his child, 'Pastor VI', get the fifth place in the past Sicab. The father of 'Nero II' is 'Unpublished', a son of the remembered 'Valiant VI' Iron Soto Armando Ybarra, and that some years ago demonstrated his excellent dressage and strength on the floor of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera. Well, 'Unpublished' is currently providing a large group of high-quality foals in the area of Castilla-La Mancha.

Another exemplary fashion, with their descendants and children of his brothers, is 'Yaco II'. This sleek, iron horse race Marín García, the son of 'Pampero V' and 'Yaca III', like 'Legionnaire XV' (mother of 'Fer Glitter', adult champion of Spain's best moves and medal Sicab silver in 2008), 'Kanaka' (mother of 'Fer Bulería' silver medal in the past Sicab), 'Squire IV' (mother of 'Squire IV', several times winner of the race last season) , and 'Rope' (mother of the mythical and racial 'IX Mist' and 'Jewish VII'). This maternal line of 'Yaca III' work. Perhaps the best example was the now defunct 'Yaco II'. On this issue said the farmer from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Benito Sierra: "if you want to win, put a" Yaco "in his life." Much of the reason is. In 2007, the sons of 'Yaco II' overwhelmed, getting both the Championship of Spain 2007 young females as adults. In 2008, he was champion of Spain Young, 'Treasury XI' Iron Benito Sierra Stud and owned by the Gala, he returned to get the gold medal, and one of the last sons of 'Yaco II', 'Yaco AV ', won the silver medal in the 4th section.

In the section on movements with two herds bred by them have been those who have gone above after the last Sicab. The first is the Valencian Stud Suay Martinez, whose filly 'Menta M Suay' Young won the championship of the best moves. This filly is the daughter of 'Artist M Suay', a brother of the former champion of Spain, 'Capriccio XII', and both are grandsons of 'Navarro V', Marín García (for 'Albero II', another son of Cesar ').

During 2008, which comes from 'Albero II' has moved much of both the hand and ridden. Returning to 'Weapons Blockhead', I must say that this magnificent specimen of livestock owned pasture Extremadura Head Blonde, is the father of two years 'Montes II', which was just proclaimed youngest runner in Spain race. Therefore, it is a stallion to keep in mind. From this iron is the filly three years 'Lagartera XI', which in 2007 won the young runner race and in 2008 he climbed to the top, winning the championship of Spain Young race. This filly is the daughter of 'Guardadamas I', a son of champion of Spain 'Atiza II' and 'Lanchegos' two grandchildren both 'Navarro V' as 'Navarro VI', both for 'Albero II'.

This year, Straight line has had its greatest exponent in the stud JF Miño. In the livestock are doing things very well, investing in all the plots needed to achieve success, without sparing. And it always pays off. This house has line "pure escape", ie father and mother of this iron. In Sicab touched the second best keeper award in Spain, seeing finally surpassed only by Ayala y Cubas. The reservoir is also JF Miño livestock on the national scene is showing that more copies on the slopes of dressage, and harvesting their success.


Contents 1: This year, Straight line has had its greatest exponent in the stud JF Miño. In the livestock are doing things very well, investing in all the plots needed to achieve success, sparing

Summary 2: During 2008, which comes from 'Albero II' has moved much of both the hand and mounted

Contents 3: If we stick strictly to the individuals which have become champions after Sicab 2008, would have to make an initial sketch that may be anecdotal, but is usually well: most of the champions, girls and runners / as in Spain are dappled coat


Purebred Guardiola

Heirs of Salvador Guardiola Fantoni is probably one of the most recognized brands in the PRE worldwide. More than one hundred years of history and selection of a breed that originated Snack and Military Stud

Speaking of Heirs of Salvador Guardiola Fantoni is talking about race, elegance, perfection and passion. Horse Trophy has been a day in this legendary cattle with their responsible, Jaime Guardiola Domínguez, a person dedicated exclusively to the Pure Spanish and keep the iron and last name.

The origin of this prestigious livestock goes back to 1808 from the hand of Rios Mateos, grandfather of the current head. Since 1812 the livestock grazing on the farm Pinganillo in the province of Seville, Cadiz origins of mares and Zapata, as well as a dictionary explains horse that is kept in the archives of Guardiola. This volume also reflects the mares that Rios had Mateos, for he aimed to hand the names of individuals that would incorporate, for those who served, those who were born ... all is still well targeted and annotated.

Robert Osborne Contacts
But it was between the years 1943 and 1945 when the brothers' father Guardiola Domínguez, Salvador Guardiola Fantoni, Roberto Osborne purchase fifteen mares Spanish in two lots to the stud and three stallions The Snack 'Zorrero' 'Intended' and 'Safety Pin' . Since then is when we can speak of the current livestock Salvador Guardiola Fantoni. These lots were added to the mares that grazed on the farm and Seville and, even today, his children remember those beautiful mares. "I remember when my father bought Robert Osborne won and the name of some, like 'Limonera', 'Sison', 'To' or 'Cacica', and stallions as 'Teruel', 'miss it' or 'destination' among others. " The latter, says Jaime Guardiola, "has become for its quality in one of the lines used at home, like many other farmers."


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